The APA’s National Singles Program is a $300,000+ National Singles Championship (NSC) event held each year in May at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas.

To get there, .. you win a "Board" and you advance to a "Regional". There are (2) Regionals each year, so you have (2) "Windows" of Opportunity to advance to Las Vegas.

What is a "BOARD"?

A board is basically a mini-tournament, up to 8 people run with the same rules as League Play. It is run in a modified-single format down to one winner. The entry fee is $15 and the winner advances to the next Regional event.

The boards are run according to skill level groups. 

8 Ball groups are S/L 2-3, S/L 4, S/L 5 and S/L 6-7

9 Ball groups are S/L 1-3, S/L 4-5 and S/L 6-9.

To play on a board, you must be an active APA member playing on a current 8 or 9 Ball team and have at least 10 scores in the format that you play in.

A board can be run by any player or host location that desires to do so.

What is a Regional?

A Regional event is where all players in the Region that have won a Board get together and play for the right to advance to Las Vegas. You will be put on a Board at the Regional, along with other players in your skill level group. The winner of that Board advances to Las Vegas.

There are (2) Windows of Opportunity to advance to Las Vegas.

What is a Window?

Window One is from January 1st to June 15th each year.
Window Two is from June 16th to November 30th each year.
There is no Qualifying in December.

If you win a Board any time from Jan. 1 - June 15 ... you advance to the Window One Regional, held in October.

If you win a Board any time from June 16 – Nov 30 ... you advance to the Window Two Regional, held in March.