The Equalizer® system lets players of any skill level compete against each other evenly.

With The Equalizer®, it’s feasible for a beginner to have a nearly equal chance in a match against a more highly skilled player. The Equalizer® aids the lesser skilled player by dictating mathematically that he/she needs to win fewer games or points than his opponent to win the match. (In golf and bowling, you give or get strokes or pins.)

Everyone Can Play… Anyone Can Win.® – The Equalizer® is only available in the APA.

In an APA League, you give or get games in the 8-Ball format and you give or get points in the 9-Ball format. How many games or points you give or get is determined by comparing your skill level to your opponent’s skill level. A higher skilled player must give games or points to a lower-skilled player, thus evening the match.